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Innovative Laboratory Systems

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Fluid mechanics and heat transfer are highly visual subjects and so during the teaching process one must take full advantage of this fact. Our Educational Interactive Flow Visualization & Analysis Systems are simple to use and include both hardware and software for science and engineering education at undergraduate and graduate school levels. They provide faculty the latest technology as a teaching tool allowing them to acquire new knowledge and skills. Our systems can also be used in research. The technology development is based upon work partly funded by the National Science Foundation. The innovative Laboratory Systems that we have developed with our partners are used Worldwide. Unique specifications of our systems enable professors and administrators successfully obtain grant approvals and sole source justification.


Our systems allow educators and students to obtain full understanding of theory with experimental visualization. Several interchangeable model inserts come with all the systems. But flow model inserts can also be designed and made by students as an integrated part of the Design-Build-Test-Analyze educational process. Inserts can be made by machining, molding or rapid prototyping. Students can simulate the flow using the educational CFD module integrated with PIV in FLOWEX™ software. This is a great way to teach students the complete design process!

Hands-on Approach to Learning Fluid Flow Phenomena

Our systems are very versatile! They provide visual and analytical tools to comprehend and understand difficult engineering and science concepts. FLOWEX™ software is specifically developed for education for the purpose of flow visualization and analysis with integrated educational particle image velocimetry (PIV), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computer aided design (CAD). All of our systems come with FLOWEX™ software which is designed to be user friendly and interactive so that the user can visualize the flow field and the velocity distribution instantaneously. Flowrate, pressure and temperature can also be measured. There are a variety of fluid mechanics phenomena that involve fluid-solid interactions that can be studied with our systems. Some of these fundamental topics include:

Our systems are portable which allow them to be taken from the traditional laboratory setting into a classroom if desired. FLOWEX™ software can be connected to a projector or connected to the Network for enhanced classroom participation or for a large audience. By virtue of their strong visualization capability, our educational systems allow students to have more active and stronger learning experience.

Our systems have been designed to be very easily adaptable to your needs as we know that all curriculum contains unique elements. While you may want to tweak things to meet your specific needs, using existing, proven curriculum is way easier and more efficient than starting from scratch. Our users freely share their curriculums with us which we make available to other users.