Due to COVID-19 manfufacturing pipeline disruptions, we are unable to accept new orders.
Existing customers will be prioritized for any replacement parts needs.

Privacy Policy

Personal information received by Interactive Flow Studies Corporation is kept confidential on our end to our best ability. We may use and share personal information to serve you, including payments, placing or shipping your order, or for continued support of the hardware/software you purchased. We may also share or store information with our affiliates (e.g. distributors we work with) or third party companies (e.g. email/web hosting services we may use).

We may disclose information to non-affiliate third parties or government agencies when required by law (e.g. via a court order).

Interactive Flow Studies Corporation reserves the right to update this privacy policy at any time. We may choose to send a notification message to an optional mailing list for general updates including major changes to our policy. For our latest privacy policy please visit our web site.