New Rapid Prototyping System for Hemoflow Blood Vessel Models

We have just completed the NSF and IFS funded study to print blood vessel models for the Hemoflow system using stereolithography. We used the Projet 7000HD rapid prototyping system to build the models. The parts are accurate to +/-45µm. The material used was VisiJet SL Clear which is a high clarity plastic (transparency is a key) with excellent resistance for fluid flow. Here are a couple of images which also demonstrate the transparency of the models.

1-DESIGN: Design your own flow inserts with Educational Computer Aided Design (CAD) integrated into user friendly FLOWEX™ software.

2-BUILD: Build the flow inserts with the Rapid Prototyping system.

3-TEST: Simulate the flow around the insert using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), part of FLOWEX™ software.

4-ANALYZE: Perform interactive experiment with Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV ), part of FLOWEX™ software.

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