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FLOWEX™ Software for Interactive Flow Visualization & Analysis in Classroom or Laboratory



Please click the FLOWEX™ Logo for the actual FLOWEX™ software as you would see it on your computer screen. The results presented in the FLOWEX™ demo is from FLOWCOACH™.

FLOWEX™ is designed to be user friendly and interactive so that the user can visualize the flow field and the velocity distribution instantaneously. Using the velocity field, other quantities, such as the vorticity, strain rate, streamlines, and other relevant results, can also be calculated and visualized. We created learning materials and novel teaching strategies by developing FLOWEX™ as a virtual teaching assistant for the education process, where the students can develop enhanced understanding of fluid flow by interactive experiments through a computer terminal in the classroom. The software is web based which allows multiple users to access the experiment through the internet wherever they are. FLOWEX™ software can be in bootable USB stick and/or CD format. Boot from the USB or CD and your hardware becomes a FLOWEX™ Server. Requires an Intel x86 compatible CPU system and hardware supported by linux kernel. USB version requires a BIOS, capable of booting from USB devices (most systems nowadays support this). Original operating system and hard drive of the computer is not used or modified. Ideal to reuse an existing computer temporarily without affecting its original task. Simply remove the USB stick or CD, reboot, and the computer goes back to its original operating system or software.

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